The solar film blocks out 99% of the suns ultra violet light. Its primary importance is reducing heat and glare from glass windows.
Protect your loved ones with shatter resistant solar films against severe weather and house hold accidents. Our solar films bond to the glass, preventing glass shards from entering your home.

Safety and Security films

Greatly increases the strength of your glass,depending on the type of glass and which thickness film is chosen. Safety/Security films helps reduce the risk of personal injury, property damage and loss caused by natural disaster and crime. Available in a wide range of tints, styles and grades. Our films are specially designed to prevent everything from high wind damage, graffiti and intruders from entering your premises.

Anti Graffiti films

Has your glass been scratched as result of vandalism? Are you looking for a cost effective solution as an alternative to replacing expensive glass? Solargraph Anti graffiti films not only protect your glass from future acts of vandalism but the adhesive system in the film is specifically designed to help cover up existing scratches. The film glue fills in the scratches and helps them slowly disappear from view once installed.
When Anti Graffiti film film is applied to the glass, windows are protected from future acts off vandalism. While it is possible to scratch the film, your window is protected from any damage and replacement of the film is easily done in the future.
Anti Graffiti films can also be installed over existing signage of solar tinting for the same reasons.
These films are clear and once installed may be cleaned normally.

Services | Solar Glass Films, Safety & Security Glass Films

Graphics and Signage

Window graphics and computer cut signage provides corporate branding, decoration ,privacy and security to business or home.
Our different types of frosted vinyl films will provide the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. They can be used for decoration or company logos. Vinyls can also be printed on digitally.

Full Colour Partition Glass Graphics

We are a 3M Accredited Installer 3M INSTALLER LICENCE 2034. We use and recommend 3M Display Films, Window Film and Safety solutions.
Any photographic image can printed on vinyl substrates to produce any size graphic image. These images can be applied to either glass or wall surfaces and also removed easily at a later date if required.
Many business premises have large partition glass or wall areas. These areas are fantastic to install some eye catching graphics, allowing you to retain your level of privacy whilst turning your blank canvases into feature walls or corporate branding.
(this is commonly know as digital printing).

Whiteboard and Blackboard films

These vinyl films are generally applied to glass surfaces. They are a cost effective way turning glass into a whiteboard or blackboard. These films can easily be removed at a later date if needed.

Glass Cleaning

The majority of homeowners are always looking for inexpensive ways to brighten up their homes and having windows professionally cleaned is a good place to start.
Our professional staff will come to your home and clean your windows both safely and efficiently. We offer our clients not only a great window cleaning service but also piece of mind of knowing that you have professionals in your home that will leave the work area clean when they depart your residence.