Glass and Window Tinting Sydney and North Shore

Why Tint Your Windows in Sydney and North Shore?

Solar Window tinting can reflect the Sydney and North Shore heat by up to 80%, considerably reducing your air-conditioning costs. It can also conserve the heat inside your house in the colder months and therefore contributes to cost savings all year round. Solar films vary in colour, darkness and reflectivity. There are a vast number of colours depending on what your needs are. The darker the film, generally the more light and heat it keeps out. This is called the visible transmittance or commonly referred to as the VT. This can range from 5% to 80% depending on the brand of the film. All solar films come with a 99% ultraviolet protection rating and it is these rays which are the primary source of fading.

Features and Benefits of Window Tinting

It creates a strong, optically clear bond to a window, increasing the penetration and tear resistance without affecting your vision.

UV Absorbers, built into the adhesive system allow the film to maintain clarity while still protecting homes and businesses.


Improve Your Comfort All Year Round:

Solar films can create a more comfortable environment by eliminating “hot wall” and “cold wall” problems. Your property will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, no matter where the sun is shining. Solar film also cuts out the annoying glare, which adds to your personal comfort.

Add More Privacy:

Solar tinting is an attractive alternative to curtains or blinds. Our solar films provide a clear view with no obstructions to the outside, while at the same time, preventing others from looking in during the daytime.

Areas We Service:

Solargraph Glass Tinting is situated at 29/248 Miller street North Sydney 2060.

We service the Sydney metropolitan areas, the Central Coast and down to Wollongong as well as providing window tinting in Northern Beaches.

Glass and window tinting can offer almost invisible, yet much needed protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Large windows and bright rooms often create an inviting, yet relaxing environment in which to unwind, however, natural sunlight doesn’t just offer benefits it can also damage the items in your home that you so lovingly cherish.

Our specialised film technology can reject up to 97% of the heat producing IR rays, and up to 99% of the harmful UV rays. These powerful elements of natural sunlight can fade the colour of your furniture, damage wallpaper and deteriorate other items such as paintings, photos and ornaments.

Window tinting doesn’t just protect the things inside your home it also helps reject heat, reduce glare and keep out the cold so the temperature inside remains consistent. This thermal insulation saves you money on heating and/or air-conditioning. Unlike factory tinting, in which the glass is dyed during the manufacturing process, solar graph glass tinting is a self-adhesive layer of film that can be applied to existing windows and glass structures.

Different shades of tinting can also add a level of privacy, and can be designed and shaped into company decals displaying logos and other signage. Furthermore, window tinting films can offer an added layer of protection from damage and attempted break-ins as the strength and flexibility of the film reduces the risk of breaking and shattering.

Sydney Window Tinting

Many people spend a lifetime trying to create the perfect home in which to relax and enjoy their downtime, so why let Mother Nature slowly weather away at the household items you love and worked so hard to obtain? Instead through our window tinting Sydney properties can shield themselves and the items inside from the elements.

Our expert team of in-house professionals have over 2 decades of experience. Our products and materials come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
So if you’re looking to safeguard your home from the relentless exposure to the sun and its harmful rays, then we offer the leading service in North Shore window tinting. For both residential properties and commercial spaces we can offer a range of customized window tinting that will keep your furniture and other household items protected from the diminishing effects of the sun’s powerful rays. You may also like to increase your security with our window frosting services.